METTO Production Ltd.

METTO is a comprehensive graphic design company, experienced, high-quality design, with reasonable prices, attentive attitude to listen carefully to your requirements, can help you from the logo to brochure to book and any of the graphic design works.
We cooperates with few printing and digital printing companies. Customers only need to order designs from us. We will arrange printings or digital printing services for you, eliminating for multiple consultations. Printing costs can also be directly given to suppliers. Our company will not charge extra.
We also welcome cooperation, the work is absolutely confidential.

METTO 是一間全面的平面設計公司,經驗豐富,優質的設計,以合理的價格、認真的態度細心聆聽您的要求,可以幫助您由商標到小冊子到書刊等任何平面設計。
我們與多間印刷及噴畫公司合作無間,客人只須訂購排版設計我們均會為閣下安排噴畫或印刷服務,省卻多重諮商,噴畫和印刷費用也可直接給予供應商,本公司不會額外收費 。

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